COVID-19 Safety Protocols Update – March 8, 2022

To the Wesleyan Community,
Today, after two years of dealing with COVID-19, the Pandemic Planning Committee is announcing some changes to the policies currently in place on campus. As I reflect on what we’ve experienced as a community, I want to express profound gratitude for everything you have done to help keep Wesleyan safe during such a tumultuous time.   

As the pandemic evolves, so does our response to it. We are moving from a state of emergency to a state of watchful concern, much like our concern with seasonal health risks. Changes to our policies for those who are fully vaccinated and boosted will go into effect during the week of March 21, 2022.

Feb 24 – Update from the Pandemic Planning Committee

To the Wesleyan community:  
We are pleased to report that over the past several days the COVID-19 positivity rate has started to decline. As a result, we will reopen all in-person dining on campus starting with lunch service today (Thursday).  We also want to share more information on the new streamlined notification process for positive and inconclusive test results for students and the new process for contact tracing for all members of the Wesleyan community. 

Feb 18 – Update from Pandemic Planning Committee

We recognize that the prolonged nature of the pandemic and the changes it has introduced to our campus can be extremely frustrating. Please know that our latest restrictions are intended to be short-term. It is our hope that we can return to a green alert level once we dampen this latest surge.  The high number of cases that have been reported this week are likely from exposure that occurred last weekend. Fortunately, no one who has tested positive is seriously ill, with most people asymptomatic or experiencing mild cold-like symptoms. And while our community is vaccinated and boosted, it is imperative that we work to stem the spread of infection to protect the most vulnerable among us. Your diligence in adhering to the University mask policy can help us do so. 

Lowering COVID-19 Alert Level to Green

Thanks to low positivity rates on campus and across the state, the Pandemic Planning Committee has decided to drop our alert level to green and relax some restrictions starting February 7.  
Student dining across campus will open and campus social gatherings can take place. If the weather allows, we do suggest, when possible, using grab-and-go dining and eating outside to reduce risk. Similarly, we also recommend holding informal social gatherings outside, when the weather permits. Students may also patronize restaurants and shops in Middletown.

Upcoming Webinar: Spring Semester 2022 Protocols

To the Wesleyan community,

We invite you to join us for a webinar Friday, January 14, titled Campus Update: Spring Semester 2022 Protocols.  The webinar for staff and faculty will take place at 10 a.m. EST.The webinar for students and families will take place at noon EST.  President Michael S. Roth and members of the University’s Pandemic Planning Committee will discuss the plans for the upcoming spring semester. There will also be time to answer your questions. 

Raising COVID-19 Alert Level to Yellow – Jan 10, 2022

To the Wesleyan Community:   
With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing on campus and throughout the state, as a precautionary measure, the Pandemic Planning Committee has decided to raise the current alert level to Yellow.
The positivity rate on campus is 5.5 percent, as of Friday, January 7.  Please note the following changes and reminders.

Preparing for Spring Semester – December 16, 2021

To the Wesleyan community:

We want to update you on the COVID-19 protocols we have planned for the spring semester.  

While we watch the data on the Omicron variant with concern, thanks to our vaccination, booster and mask policies, we are well-poised to safely continue our in-person classes and co-curricular activities in the spring semester.  

Vaccine Booster Requirement for Spring 2022

To the Wesleyan community,

Thanks to our high vaccination rates, mask mandates, and robust testing protocols, the Wesleyan campus community has consistently maintained COVID-19 positivity rates lower than our surrounding area. This remains the case, even as we have seen an increase in positive campus cases. Most importantly, since we have the protection of vaccinations, the COVID-19 cases we’ve had thus far have been asymptomatic or mild. Vaccine booster shots are now available, and they offer an important additional layer of protection.

August 27, 2021: COVID-19 Testing Update

To the Wesleyan Community:

I write to share updated information about the University’s COVID-19 testing plan and adjustments to campus services. 

With more than 95 percent of faculty, students and staff vaccinated, we have taken the most important steps toward preventing significant illness. However, given the heightened transmissibility of the Delta variant, we know that even a vaccinated campus like ours will not be impervious to infection. The following plans are meant to keep us aware of cases that do arise and to prevent significant outbreaks.

August 19, 2021: Prepare for Fall Semester

To the Wesleyan community:

As we prepare for fall semester, we can tell you that 95 percent of employees are vaccinated –with about 4 percent requiring medical or religious exemptions – and that we anticipate similar percentages with respect to students. Those receiving exemptions will wear masks on campus and will be tested for COVID-19 regularly. While we watch the data on the Delta variant with concern, we are well-protected and in a good place to start the semester with in-person classes and co-curricular activities.