COVID-19 Safety Protocols Update – March 8, 2022

From: Rick Culliton, Chair Pandemic Planning Committee 

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

To the Wesleyan Community:

Today, after two years of dealing with COVID-19, the Pandemic Planning Committee is announcing some changes to the policies currently in place on campus. As I reflect on what we’ve experienced as a community, I want to express profound gratitude for everything you have done to help keep Wesleyan safe during such a tumultuous time.   

As the pandemic evolves, so does our response to it. We are moving from a state of emergency to a state of watchful concern, much like our concern with seasonal health risks. Changes to our policies for those who are fully vaccinated and boosted will go into effect during the week of March 21, 2022.


On campus PCR COVID-19 testing in Beckham Hall will be optional for faculty, students, and staff through March 25. Beginning March 28, the University will shift from PCR testing to rapid antigen testing for students who are symptomatic. Students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms may pick up a rapid antigen test in Beckham Hall. Faculty and staff who wish to continue testing should do so through tests available at local pharmacies and health care providers. These are covered by most insurance plans. Faculty and staff who test positive should continue to report any positive results to Donna Brewer in Human Resources. 

Students planning to leave for spring break should self-administer a rapid test just before returning to campus. If a student tests positive, they should not return to campus, and should report the test results. These tests are readily available, and students may pick one up at Beckham Hall prior to leaving for spring break. 

Learn more about positive test result notifications and contact tracing.


Masking will be optional for vaccinated and boosted students, faculty, and staff, beginning March 21. Students, faculty, and staff with vaccine exemptions will still be required to wear a properly fitted mask indoors and test once a week. Some classes may still require everyone to mask. Please continue to carry a mask with you; we ask that you be accommodating to those who are more comfortable with everyone masked during meetings. 

The pandemic committee will continue to monitor conditions and make changes as needed. Here is a faculty and staff webinar from today where these topics were discussed. I am happy to address any questions you may have. 

Best regards,  

Rick Culliton 

Chair Pandemic Planning Committee and Dean of Students