September 14, 2020: Public Health Reminder

Dear Colleagues,

As we reach the conclusion of our first week of in-person classes, we want to thank you for your continued creativity, perseverance and flexibility.  We are routinely posting the results of our campus COVID testing on this dashboard and are optimistic that the current positivity rates on campus are very low.  Those on campus have undoubtedly noticed that students are taking the safety precautions that we have outlined for them seriously.  There have been some minor issues that we (or students themselves) have addressed, and we expect to maintain a high degree of compliance as the semester continues.

While students have received multiple messages about the guidelines that pertain to them, we want to take this opportunity to remind faculty and staff of these same necessary precautions.  Public health experts believe these to be essential for the safety of all on campus.  The expectations for faculty and staff are clearly articulated in the Community Agreement.  It may be difficult for students and colleagues to offer reminders and address concerns about adherence to this agreement given real or perceived power dynamics so we ask each of you to commit to doing your part.

With our thanks,

Nicole Stanton
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mike Whaley
Vice President for Student Affairs