July 16, 2020: Wesleyan Fall 2020 Academic Experience

Dear Wesleyan Students and Families,

Last week Wesleyan announced its plans for the fall semester. President Roth and other members of the Wesleyan community hosted webinars and town halls to begin the process of answering all the many questions students and families have as they prepare for next year.

We write to you now with a focus on the academic experience—what teaching and learning will be like on our campus in these new and uncertain times. In this newsletter we’ve compiled important dates, contact information for further questions, and other resources to assist you as we move forward towards the fall semester.

March 31: Academic Policies and Guidelines During the Covid19 Pandemic

From: Michael Whaley
Subject: Academic Policies and Guidelines During the Covid19 Pandemic

Dear Students,

I write with these important updates and adjustments to academic policies for this semester as a result of the pandemic:

Academic Affairs Policies and Guidelines of Interest to Students Adopted During the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis

CR/U: Students may request a change from letter grades to CR/U for any course they were enrolled in when the transition to distance learning occurred.  All departments have agreed to accept CR/U grades in courses required for the major, minor, or certificate for the spring 2020 semester.

The mechanism for activating the grade mode change is a simple request to the instructor by the student made on or prior to the last day of class.  Students should consult with their departments about “specialty” courses such as thesis or graduate courses.  Students anticipating applying for postgraduate schools should contact the schools in which they’re interested regarding their policies accepting CR/U.